Tips for Renting a Car in Australia

Tips for Renting a Car in Australia


Australia has become a very popular destination for tourists from all over the globe. Major cities such as Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney have become hubs for tourists who wanted to explore Australia. From there, many tourists rent vehicles or campervans and go explore the Outback. There are several popular attractions in Australia that you might want to visit. The Twelve Apostles, the Great Ocean Road, and of course, the Australian Outback are just some of the few that top the list. Due to the rising influx of tourists each year, the car rental industry has also grown significantly.

There are several companies that currently offer services relating to car hire in Australia. However, unlike frequent travellers, most new tourists often forget simple things that increase the overall costs of the rental. If you are looking to rent a car in Australia for an affordable price, here are a few tips that will help you out.

Avoid Buying Insurance

Most car rental companies generally add insurance as a part of the whole package. However, you could easily save a considerable amount of money if you don’t purchase insurance from the rental company. If you have travel insurance, you should check if they cover car rental insurance. Many companies that currently offer travel insurance policies now cover international car rentals as well. Alternatively, you can purchase a local insurance policy for the duration of your trip. It’s going to be considerably less expensive than buying the insurance directly from the rental company.

Fill Up the Tank

A very common mistake that so many people make when returning their vehicle to the company is that they don’t fill up the tank. When you return the vehicle, the rental company may charge the price of a full tank to your invoice (even if it’s only half empty). Why take the risk? It’s always better to fill up the tank before returning the car to the rental company if you don’t want to end up paying over the top. It can help you save a decent amount of money as well.

Make a Booking in Advance

Another thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to car rentals is that it’s always better to make a booking in advance. When you make a booking a few days before, you are going to get a higher rate. However, if you book your rental car at least a couple of weeks before your trip, you will be able to save a decent amount.

Most rental companies have algorithms that automatically decrease the price as you extend the booking date. When you make a booking in advance, the rental company will charge a small fee for the reservation. The rest of the amount will be paid when you take possession of the vehicle. These are just a few ways by which you can save money on your car rental. Always keep a look out for discount coupons and promo codes online to save money!