What to Pack to Make Your Hostel Experience More Enjoyable

What to Pack to Make Your Hostel Experience More Enjoyable


The world is an enormous place with endless possibilities for adventure and excitement. Unfortunately, accommodation while we partake in these adventures is often the most expensive part of the journey. This leads many travelers to stay in hostels during their journeys. For those of us who have stayed in a hostel before, we know what to expect. For those looking to stay in a hostel for the first time, there is this article.

Pack some flip-flops. And if you forget them, head to a store or pharmacy on your way to the hostel. While you may be a clean person, you can’t speak for everybody staying at the hostel. For this reason, expect to wear flip-flops or similar while you shower and prepare yourself.

If you are picky about nice, soft, luxurious linen then you will want to pack your own. While you shouldn’t expect anything that you can’t sleep under, you shouldn’t expect anything like a hotel or your own home.

A portable toiletries bag is essential, given that you will be sharing a bathroom and mirror with numerous other people. Be sure it is large enough to carry everything you need between your room and the bathroom. If possible, look for a toiletries bag which can unfold and hang on a shower rack. This can make it easier to access your soaps and lotions as you shower.

Free breakfast means cereal and toast. Nothing more, and nothing less. Despite what the website may say about a ‘Buffet Breakfast’, rest assured that it is referring to a buffet of cereals. If you have any dietary requirements, it is suggested that you plan to bring food with you or eat out.

If you don’t have a small padlock for your bag then your bag has no place in a hostel. While the staff and general population of a hostel will be honest, there is no way to keep track of everybody that comes in and out of your room while you are away. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but it does have to be strong.

Staying at a hostel is a great experience and will give you the opportunity to meet lots of different people. Along with these tips, speak with fellow travelers and get their advice and ideas. Everything you can learn to prepare yourself, the better.