Why Taking a Short Golf Holiday Is Good for Golfers

Why Taking a Short Golf Holiday Is Good for Golfers


According to research, taking short and frequent golf holidays makes golfers happier. Whilst taking a longer trip is also valuable to one’s health, frequent short trips are proven to be especially good for a person’s mental well-being.

Look Forward to Travelling

One behavioural economist supports this claim as well. According to his findings, he suggests that holiday-makers break up their extended time into several short excursions or holidays. Because a person’s enjoyment wanes as he or she becomes more accustomed to his surroundings, a golf holiday of three or four days is the ideal way to lessen work-related stress. In fact, planning about four short golf holidays per year enables golfers to see different sights and look forward to the next planned short break and holiday.

A Cure for Workday Anxieties and Worries

Some behavioural experts also claim that a longer trip is better for you if you are travelling a further distance. So, whether you are travelling far or near or for a short or long time, a golf holiday is certainly a cure for workday anxieties and worries. That is because travelling to a new location automatically places you in a more relaxed environment that caters to a golfer’s need to get away from it all and experience a new atmosphere.

Who to Contact When Making Travel Plans

In order to schedule golf into your travel itinerary, it is essential to get into contact with a golf travel specialist. Using the assistance of a specialist will help you decide where to go on your next golf holiday. After all, part of the excitement of travelling is planning the trip itself.

Australian Golf Packages

For instance, you might consider some short holiday golf packages that lead to various spots in Australia. Most of these shorter holiday offerings span three or four nights. Some of the preferred destinations include the Fleurieu Peninsula, Hamilton Island, Barnbougle, the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Gold Coast.

A Hamilton Island Holiday

One of the longer short excursions leads to Hamilton Island. Participants enjoy four nights of accommodation in twin or double occupancy rooms. Daily breakfasts are usually part of this kind of travel package as are hotel transfers.

Some of the Travel Features

A golfing package normally highlights two rounds of golf play as well as the use of such amenities as a gym, spa, or tennis court hire. When staying on the island, golfers can usually use the island’s shuttle service from morning to late at night. These kinds of golfing packages are generally designed for two travellers in the golfing party.